South of the Border


Customize Your Special Events Tex Mex Food Truck Menu.

 Chips and Homemade Salsa (+$3.00)
 Chips and Queso Dip (+$4.00)
 Chips and Fresh Guacamole (+$5.00)
 No Quesadilla
 Cheese (+$1.50)
 Chipotle Chicken (+$2.00)
 Steak and Onion (+$2.00)
 Avocado (+$3.00)
 Shrimp and Bacon (+$3.00)
 Beef (+$1.00)
 Pulled Pork (+$1.00)
 Shredded Chicken (+$1.00)
 Carne Asada (+$2.00)
 Tofu and Black Bean (+$2.00)
 Cajun Mahi (+$3.00)
 Cajun Shrimp (+$3.00)
 Steak (+$3.00)
 Shrimp (+$3.00)
 Refried Beans
 Mexican Rice
 Fire Roasted Corn and Black Bean Salsa
 Fresh Veggie Medley (+$2.00)
 No Nachos
 Marinated Chicken (+$3.00)
 Steak (+$3.00)
 Pork (+$3.00)
 Veggie (+$3.00)
 Grilled Cajun Shrimp (+$5.00)
 Grilled Cajun Fish (+$5.00)
Order by 2:00pm tomorrow for delivery Saturday, October 8th

Delivery & Service Details

Delivery is available every day - even nights, weekends and holidays! During checkout or requesting quote you will have the opportunity to select a time for delivery.

Ten O Six provides multiple service types:

  • Drop-off
  • Drop-off and Setup
  • Full-service Catering
  • Personal Chef Services

We can provide the appropriate compostable service items, napkins and plastic cutlery and help you secure the proper rental equipment for your event, at an additional fee. Learn more.

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