• Outer Banks Steamer Snow Crab Leg Boils at Ten O Six Beach Road Bistro

Snow Crab Leg Boil

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Price: $32.95

Snow Crab Legs, shrimp, andouille sausage, corn on the cob and red potatoes...  

Don't forget to add some clams and oysters!!!

Price is charged per person.

 No Add-ons
 Crawfish (+$1.00)
 Little Neck Clams (+$2.00)
 Mussels (+$2.00)
 Oyster (+$4.00)
 Salmon (+$8.00)
 Mahi (+$10.00)

Snow Crab Leg Seafood Boil is available for pick up in our restaurant or you can request a quote so we can get one of our chef's scheduled to come out and cook your Outer Banks Seafood Boil in your vacation home.

Remember a seafood boil is different than our Outer Banks Clam Bake

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