What Service Staff do we need for our Wedding or Event?

Yes.  We can provide bartenders, wait staff and chefs. Our hired staff is trained, professional and reliable

The number of service staff required for your event depends upon the number of guests, complexity of the menu, and type of function.

  • A plated, served dinner usually requires eight hours of labor, beginning at the time servers arrive at the restaurant to begin the "pull" for your event, and ending back at the restaurant when all of the equipment and service ware has been washed and put away.
  • An average wedding, however, usually requires around ten hours of labor.
  • Most receptions and simple buffets require between four and six hours.

In order to ensure quality of service, our server to guest ratios are as follows:

  • Buffet: 1 server to 20-25 guests
  • Plated Dinner: 1 server to 15-20 guests
  • Hors d'Oeuvres Reception: 1 server to 25 guests for passed & 1 server to 35 guests for stationary

The number of culinary staff required is dependent on the menu.

Rather than charge a flat rate gratuity, our clients are charged only for the labor they need.

In the case of higher-end menus, the percentage of labor cost may be lower than the 20% industry standard. For more simple menus, the percentage may be higher. Our servers are paid at an hourly rate.  Our bartenders and chefs are also paid at an hourly rate.

We are so proud of what we do, we are unwilling to release our food into others' hands; when you book us for your event, you are booking our staff as well.

While some items are available for pickup or drop off, most of our menu items do require servers and at least one chef.