A Look at the Key Benefits of an Outer Banks Personal Chef

  • Will Sanders - Your personal Outer Banks chef

What’s the most significant source of lost time on your vacations? If you said cooking and grocery shopping, you’re right. More time is wasted with shopping for groceries and then preparing meals in your kitchen than on any other activity. Interestingly, you also waste an inordinate amount of time when dining out.

You can reclaim that time and enjoy better quality meals if you hire an Outer Banks personal chef during your next vacation. What benefits do you get here?

A Pro in the Kitchen

The most obvious benefit to hiring an Outer Banks personal chef is that you get gourmet meals prepared right in your kitchen. You’re able to indulge in the most sumptuous fare, all without ever having to lift a ladle or cut up a single vegetable. However, what might not be so obvious is that you also benefit by reclaiming your time. With a personal chef on hand, you’re free to relax around the house, wander out to the beach, enjoy a cocktail or two, or play a game with the kids – you maximize your vacation time.


Other Benefits

In addition to enjoying great food and more time, you also gain some additional benefits when you hire one of our Outer Banks personal chefs.

One of those is not having to go to the grocery store during your vacation. Your personal chef can shop for you, bringing all the needed ingredients to your kitchen. That ensures that you don’t have to fight the crowds, wait for an open register or scour the shelves for just the right ingredients.

Another advantage of working with a personal chef is that you’re able to create a customized menu that fits you and your family to a T.

Love pasta but not garlic? No problem. Prefer something vegetarian to carnivore fare?

We can help with that, too. At Ten O Six Beach Road Bistro, our personal chefs learn from you about your likes and dislikes, ensuring a completely customized dining experience unlike any other.  When you choose Ten O Six, you’re choosing an established restaurant that specializes in using fresh, local ingredients, prepared by the most outstanding chefs on the Outer Banks.

Our chefs are delighted to prepare your meals right in your kitchen. Call us today at 252-261-5817 and we can discuss your vacation duration and what you need in terms of an Outer Banks personal chef during your stay.

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