New Years Eve 2019 with Ten O Six's Food Truck

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photos provided by “Danielle Puleo, The Coastland Times.”

Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020!

New Years Celebration in the New World in Downtown Manteo!

Awesome weather and good music brought a constantly growing crowd throughout the night that was able to eat yummy local food and watched a beautiful fireworks show to ring in 2020! 

Thank you Town of Manteo and everyone who participated.

With my history of growing up on the Outer Banks from a young school boy,  that's a heartfelt and encouraging statement! 

Give me a couple of minutes to tell you why this event should be added to your Calendar in 2020!

Growing up on the Outer Banks... MP 1 to be exact

Some of our customers have heard this story before,  from an early age (middle school 6th and 7th grade) it was a taxing trip to have to go to Manteo...

Getting on the school bus in the early morning, every day,  taking the beach road from MP 1 in Kitty Hawk ALL THE WAY to Manteo Middle School (the current COA campus)... It was an hour trip atleast, one way...   

You get where I am going...

There was alot of time to build disdain for the town of Manteo.  All you could do was look out the bus window because you were tired of plucking knuckles or spending your lunch money on buying pencils to survive the daily pencil fighting contest.


Fast Forward to 2020...

Manteo, is a town located on Roanoke Island, that you should and need to put on your travel calendar anytime of the year. 

With all of the history and cute boutique restaurants, shops, brewery and distillery located on Roanoke Island you are sure to find good eats, unique OBX treats and plenty of historical attractions to the growth of America! 

We hope to be invited again to ring in 2021.  Thanks again!!!


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