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When you think of catering here in the Outer Banks, a clambake probably doesn’t jump to mind. However, with the right company, you too can enjoy this traditional festive meal without any hassle or fuss. If you’re not acquainted with what a clambake is, or what this option can provide for your event, it’s time you learned.


In the past, a clambake was an all-day affair. Pits were dug and then lined with hot rocks and seaweed, and all the food was cooked en masse. However, you’ll find that with Outer Banks catering, a clambake can be much different. You get all the taste and fun, but none of the mess or fuss. Whether your group is 10 or 100 people, a clambake is an ideal option.

Many people who have never experienced a clambake for themselves are under the impression that the main ingredient is clams. That’s actually not the case. You’ll find a range of delicious seafood and vegetables. Blue crab, shrimp, corn on the cob, butter, sausage, mussels, potatoes, onions and more all combine to create a mouthwatering riot of flavors.

More Options Available

If you decide that you want to work with a company specializing in Outer Banks catering, a clambake can be arranged that’s a good deal more contemporary, but also includes other meal options. For instance, Ten O Six offers you the ability to add appetizers and salads, as well as add-on items for those in your group who might not be seafood lovers. We can provide a taco bar, as well as BBQ chicken, and several different dessert options. It’s a delicious way to have a very different catering event.

What You Get When You Choose Ten O Six for Your Outer Banks Catering Needs

When you opt for Ten O Six, you get more than just Outer Banks catering for a clambake. You get a restaurant dedicated to sourcing fresh, local ingredients and creating amazing meals customized to your needs. Our chefs offer the most sumptuous dishes, and you’ll find we can provide far more than clambakes. Whether you’re catering a wedding rehearsal dinner, a wedding reception, a corporate retreat or just want to cater a meal at your vacation home, Ten O Six can help.

Contact us today at 252-261-5817 and we’ll discuss how we can create the ideal menu for your event.

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