Five Benefits of a Ten O Six Personal Chef

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Whether you just want to let someone take over in the kitchen for a night, or the thought of eating like a star intrigues you, there are plenty of reasons to try out our Personal Chef options. The following are our top five benefits!

# 1 – You Don’t Have to Cook

This is a biggie. After all, how often do you get to just sit back and let someone else slave over that hot stove, grill or oven? Sometimes it’s nice to take a night off so you can just enjoy your evening.

# 2 – Your Guests Want to See You

When you free yourself from the chef role, you actually get to spend time with your dinner guests.

Whether it’s just a simple evening with a few close friends, or the entire family is visiting, our Personal Chef lets you enjoy friendship and family the entire time.

# 3 – It’s a Stress Reliever

When was the last time you weren’t totally stressed out when preparing for a get-together – especially if you’re doing all the food preparations? When you let our Personal Chef take over, you can actually cross a major portion of your party off your list.

Not only do you get to lessen your stress before the party, but you also don’t have to worry about burning something or trying to juggle five dishes at once during it either.

# 4 – Trying New Things

You have to admit, most of the time we all serve the same old things when we throw a party or have some friends over. With our Personal Chef, you all get to try new and exciting dishes – even if you choose good old home-style comfort foods.

Our Chefs love innovating and creating new menu ideas, and you and your guests will love experiencing something new – all with you since you won’t be chained to the kitchen.

# 5 – It Makes Everything Special

Personal Chefs make any meal special, even if it’s just you and the family. We even have a Kids Personal Chef too, and you know that will make the kiddos feel like royalty. No matter what the occasion, knowing that someone is preparing your dishes just for you is amazing.

These are just five of our favorite benefits, but we’re sure there are others.

Discover your own benefits of having a Ten O Six Personal Chef by calling or contacting us today.  Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will help you plan your menu for your event or week long meals for your Outer Banks Vacation.

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