Where to get Good Local Outer Banks Seafood?

  • Local Outer Banks Seafood

For most vacationers’ good local Outer Banks seafood is a must while they are here!

Yes, you can go out and stand in line and get served a delicious meal at one of the many Outer Banks Restaurants. Or like many seasoned OBX vacationers you enjoy the comforts of your vacation home while dining and hanging out with the family.

If you are the latter, however you will quickly find out that most Outer Banks vacation homes' kitchens are not equipped with the proper cooking tools to prepare and cook a delicious local seafood meal.

So here are a couple of ways to get Local Outer Banks Seafood without standing in the long lines at a restaurant and losing valuable vacation time with your family:

  1. Purchase your Seafood from a Local Market or restaurant that offers carryout.
    Most local markets get their seafood daily from local fisherman/crabbers/clammers/oysterers.

    Some even offer for a small fee the option to get your local seafood steamed or fried. Don’t be sold that this needs to be an extra fee.

    Outer Banks Local Bue Crabs / Jimmys

    Check out our Fresh Local Seafood Items (available Raw or Steamed)

    Check out our Seafood Boil Menu Items

  2. Hiring a Personal Chef Service
    Hiring a personal chef for most sounds like a luxury service but once you add up the time that it takes to get your family off the beach, washed up, dressed, travel time to the restaurant, time waiting for a table for your group --- it can easily take up about 3-4 hours of your night. Not including the wait time for the meal to come, time for Uncle Dave to finish his 3 scotch drinks he consumes while eating dinner.

    Oh yeah, don't forget about the kids getting restless and tired.

    With all that being said I know hiring a personal chef does not sound like too much of a luxury item. Also when you check out the pricing of Ten O Six’s Outer Banks Personal Chef services you will see that the cost is really comparable to the cost of your restaurant visit with a lot less headache and a more personalized service with a customized menu!

    Will Sanders Ten O Six Personal Chef


So as you can see you have a few good options to getting local Outer Banks Seafood while you are on your vacation.

Here at Ten O Six we offer both Local Fresh Outer Banks Seafood that you can purchase and we do not charge you extra to steam. You can also order from our restaurant’s menu if you would like some fried local seafood.

Ten O Six’s Personal Chef service has quickly become a service that many vacationers’ are taking advantage of. They love that we prepare, cook and clean up after the meal in the comforts of your Outer Banks vacation home.

One of our customers’ favorite personal chef meals for the seafood lovers is our Outer Banks Clam Bake and the special part of this meal is that it includes a non-seafood entrée as well, for those non-seafood lovers in your group. This meal also includes an appetizer, salad, dessert and you can add-on other seafood items or entrée items to match your group’s palate.

Outer Banks Clam Bake Wedding Menu


Build your Outer Banks Clam Bake Menu

Also for those non-seafood lovers or the ones who like to mix their meals up, our personal chef services include a lot more so be sure and check out our personal chef menu items!


Ten O Six is located at MP 8.8 on the Beach Road in Kill Devil Hills, NC. You can reach the restaurant at 252-441-9607 and you can call to speak with one of our catering specialists at 252-261-5817 to begin customizing your Outer Banks Personal Chef menu today!

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