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Clambake vs. Seafood Boil... You can get ‘em both on the Outer Banks at Ten O Six

The classic seafood boil is a tradition on the Outer Banks and other coastal communities from Louisiana to Maine. Get a pot big enough to share. Fill it with water. Throw in spicy seasoning like..

Outer Banks Breakfast Catering Menu and Services

Ten O Six Catering & Events -- Breakfast Catering Menu Our menus are designed for business meetings, for the morning after your big day or if you want to enjoy your mornings with your family..

Some of the Best Outer Banks Seafood can be eaten at Ten O Six

If you are like most vacationers, you want to enjoy the foods that are local to the area you are visiting and the Outer Banks is no different.   The OBX is world renowned for its local seafood!..

24 Reasons to Hire a Personal Chef at Home or on Vacation

Personal Chef Services at Home or at your Outer Banks Vacation Home Many people feel that personal chef services are an expensive luxury item and should only be used for special events.....

Where to get Good Local Outer Banks Seafood?

For most vacationers’ good local Outer Banks seafood is a must while they are here! Yes, you can go out and stand in line and get served a delicious meal at one of the many Outer Banks..

Five Benefits of a Ten O Six Personal Chef

Whether you just want to let someone take over in the kitchen for a night, or the thought of eating like a star intrigues you, there are plenty of reasons to try out our Personal Chef options. The..

A Look at the Key Benefits of an Outer Banks Personal Chef

What’s the most significant source of lost time on your vacations? If you said cooking and grocery shopping, you’re right. More time is wasted with shopping for groceries and then..

Get Gourmet Meals Cooked Just for You with a Private Chef on the OBX

Whether you’re heading to the Outer Banks for the first time ever, or you’re a confirmed repeat visitor to our beautiful area, there’s a great deal to see, do and explore. Are..

Hire a Private Chef in OBX and Enjoy True Gourmet Meals

How many “gourmet” restaurants serve up only moderate quality food? How much time do you sacrifice in your vacation by waiting for those not-so-great meals? How much time and money do you..

How You Benefit with a Personal Chef On the Outer Banks

Wouldn't it be nice if you could go on vacation and not have to worry about cooking dinner for the family? Going to the grocery store, trying to find the right ingredients, ensuring that you get high..